Take a look at my blog for upcoming announcements, read about me on the ‘about’ page and say hello via the contact page. I will be adding updates about where you can read my work, including published work in magazines, online, and through my author’s page on Amazon, as well as on the progress of my latest novel. You can even listen to two of my stories here on this page, through the audio tabs below!

If you’d like to receive updates, review my books, suggest improvements to the site, or send me a photo of you with your book (or your cat!) please drop me a comment via the contact page. Follow the link below to read my book, available in paperback and eBook, and don’t forget to leave a review. Authors survive on comments from people who’ve bought their books to help grow their readership.

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Watch my new trailer…

The Pirate, the Dinosaur, and the Slimy Snot Monster,
read by Dominic Cook
Max and the Moonmaid read by Dominic Cook
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