The Young May Moon

may moonThe Young May Moon by Thomas Moore

The young May moon is beaming, love.
The glow-worm’s lamp is gleaming, love.
How sweet to rove,
Through Morna’s grove,
When the drowsy world is dreaming, love!
Then awake! — the heavens look bright, my dear,
‘Tis never too late for delight, my dear,
And the best of all ways
To lengthen our days
Is to steal a few hours from the night, my dear!

Now all the world is sleeping, love,
But the Sage, his star-watch keeping, love,
And I, whose star,
More glorious far,
Is the eye from that casement peeping, love.
Then awake! — till rise of sun, my dear,
The Sage’s glass we’ll shun, my dear,
Or, in watching the flight
Of bodies of light,
He might happen to take thee for one, my dear.

Published by Jill London

Hi, I’m Jill, a writer and teacher living in the UK, usually behind a desk but sometimes on a sofa with a book or a film. I began writing at around age three, legibly by five, although I didn’t write any stories until I was older. Aged eleven, I began writing children’s fiction, mostly middle-grade fantasy and I’m still doing it to this day. I have had stories published online and in My Weekly magazine. The best bit about writing is when ideas pop into your head (from the writing fairy presumably?) and everything starts clipping together like a jigsaw puzzle. The worst bit? When you start to get the feeling there's a piece missing from the box...

13 thoughts on “The Young May Moon

  1. This is a traditional American song featured in a Laura Ingalls book (when she was being courted by future husband). It just came to mind–the melody is hauntingly pretty (not that you can hear it in the words! haha)
    Lyrics by J.E. Catpenter

    In the starlight, in the starlight
    let us wander gay and free
    For there’s nothing in the daylight
    Half so dear to you and me.

    Like the fairies in the shadow
    Of the woods, we’ll steal along
    And our sweetest lays we’ll warble
    For the night was made for song

    When none are by to listen
    Or to chide us in our glee
    In the starlight, in the starlight
    Let us wander gay and free

    In the starlight, in the starlight
    Let us wander, let us wander
    In the starlight in the starlight
    Let us wander gay and free

    In the starlight, in the starlight
    At the daylight’s dewy close
    When the nightingale is singing
    His last love song to the rose

    In the calm, clear light of summer
    When the breezes softly play
    From the glitter of our dwelling
    We will gently steal away

    Where the silvery waters murmur
    By the margin of the sea
    In the starlight, in the starlight
    We will wander gay and free

    In the starlight, in the starlight
    We will wander, we will wander
    In the starlight in the starlight
    We will wander gay and free

    From These Happy Golden Years


    1. That is really gorgeous! I see how it would be perfect with a melody (I tried to add one in my head when I was reading it, though based on what I’m not sure :-)) Thanks Adrienne x


  2. I was drawn in by your mention of using words to transport readers to a better place. I stay because it’s true. Beautiful words, beautiful blog! Thank you!


    1. Thank-you so much for your kind words, Wiley! I respect them all the more because I know that you understand the beauty of life and how precious it is, in short you have a beautiful soul that understands deeply x


    1. Very good for howling at, and getting the blood racing! Thanks, Matthew. x
      When do we get to see that Matt Smith drawing btw? 😉 Are you going to try another?


      1. I will go outside in a moment and howl and see how it feels, lol. Oh, you won’t be seeing the Matt Smith sketch I was talking about. No, no, no. I’m extremely embarrassed by it … but thanks for asking about it. 🙂 I would like to draw another one soon, though. He has a face that begs to be caricatured, you know? I’m not making fun of him — but he does have a long, stretched-out face with a large chin … and that big swoop of hair. And those sunken eyes. There’s a lot of material to play with, there. I’m excited about *trying* to draw him again…


      2. Know exactly what you mean! I think he would take it as a compliment too, as he seems happy to make fun of himself knowing full well the fans will love him all the more for it 😉
        Enjoy that sketchbook, my friend, and remember to share the fruits of your labours!


      3. Thank you, Jill. I’ll do that … as long as I like the way those “fruits” turn out. If they’re rotten, I’ll keep them to myself. 😉


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