About me

Granddaughter of an Indian princess, daughter of a pearly king… that’s just one version of the truth I like the best. My head is in the clouds but my feet are on the ground, honest. I am the writer of various novels, short stories and poems, and I’ve been writing for a number of years (oh, the old jokes that come flooding to mind) ever since I announced my career as a writer (aged 11 years). I have been published in literary journals such as The Blue Hour magazine and in My Weekly magazine. I currently live in Northamptonshire with my husband Steven and our three daughters, and when I’m not behind a writing pad or a keyboard or a book I can be found out in all weather walking our Labrador, Lucy.

I love reading books that make you forget everything around you, books that have you holding your breath and that make you jump out of your skin when the phone rings. Heaven!

The best bit about writing is when ideas pop into your head (from the writing fairy presumably?) and everything starts clipping together like a jigsaw puzzle. The worst bit? When you start to get the feeling there’s a piece missing from the box!

My latest book, Evertrue, is a fairytale twist on the Orpheus story and is available here on Amazon.

Please feel free to contact me via either the comments box or the contacts page.