Mila finds it difficult being a child. When she decides that something is a good idea she just wants to go with it, which can lead her into all manner of trouble. She doesn’t care for people in authority and hates unfairness. Mila prides herself on knowing a lot about caves, especially the local Preznova caves. She and her mother have gone on many expeditions to different cave systems and so Mila feels confident in her ability to explore even unknown caves. Though Mila is brave and determined, she is more than a little headstrong. Oh, and she is rather proud of her golden brown hair!

Tomas is a page of the knight Sir Hildegaard. He is training to become a knight himself and to go someday to fight in battles for the sake of the king. The trouble is Tomas thinks that fighting battles is a waste of time. He’d much rather be an explorer like Mila but he has had his fortune told by a very expert witch by the name of Mathilde, who is never ever wrong, and so he finds that his fate is sealed. Poor Tomas! Tomas isn’t fond of his mentor Sir Hildegaard but he carries on with his job despite the fact that it’s making him very miserable indeed.

Brother Gregor
Brother Gregor is an old friend of Mila and her mother Klara. He is a talented artist and wishes that people would just buy his work, but instead he must make his living as a map-maker and must travel to foreign destinations to gather information for his maps. His maps are beautiful, and accurate, but he is a little hazy on the creatures that live in the countries he visits, and thinks that England is a wild and dangerous place! Brother Gregor loves to tell stories about the saints of Preznova and is very kind, but he is not as brave as he would like to be.

Princess Katya
Princess Katya is the unhappy daughter of King Josef of Preznova. As the middle daughter of five she has grown up being more than a bit overlooked and has gotten very good at blending into the scenery. So good, in fact, that she is able to come and go from the palace without ever being seen or missed. Katya used to be unhappy about this but then she discovered that she could have all manner of adventures outside of the palace walls, including a voyage she once took onboard a pirate ship!

Sir Hildegaard
Sir Hildegaard would like to think that he is an extraordinarily brave and handsome knight whom others are in awe of. He would like to think that he is the best man at going into dangerous situations and the best man to undertake an adventure. He believes that Princess Katya is keen to marry him… but Sir Hildegaard is wrong. In fact, for a man so self-obsessed, Sir Hildegaard really knows nothing about himself at all.

King Josef
After years of getting his own way as a child King Josef has grown into a very greedy and selfish king. He is vain and demanding and thinks nothing of threatening people with beheading in order to get what he wants. He is very mean and will do just about anything to avoid spending money. King Josef’s palace is a wonderful place filled with many riches but Josef often forgets about the people living there, and has happily agreed to marry his daughter Katya to Sir Hildegaard whom she doesn’t love.

Grubber is a creature known as a troglonome. He lives deep underground and hates bright lights. Grubber hates talking to people and would prefer to be left alone. Grubber really can’t be bothered to talk to you or anyone else for that matter, and would prefer it if you just went away and closed the light after yourself.

Malrook is an evil and crafty troll who lives deep down in the caves of Preznova. He is horrible to look at and fearsome when he’s having one of his rages, which is often. Malrook jealously guards all his hidden treasure including the marvelous Evertrue Emerald, an unlucky stone which will curse anyone that tries to steal it from its owner. When Malrook isn’t terrifying hapless explorers after his treasure he likes to read, and his extensive library (which is guarded by goblins) is the biggest in the world, though no-one knows how Malrook gets hold of them all.

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