Preznova is a little hill-top town from another world and another time. Here there are familiar creatures such dragons, elves and trolls as well as some creatures that are less familiar. The busy town square is bustling with shop-keepers and customers, lords and ladies, and mysterious strangers going about their secret way. It is said that on a quiet night at the fountain in the town-square you can hear the roar of the minotaur in the forest, and further afield in the lake live water-elves and pixies. When the season is right and the moon is high magic and mischief abounds in Preznova and adventures can happen as easily as wandering through the wrong doorway…

The caves of Preznova hold all manner of secrets and hidden dangers. Deep underground the Reka River thunders through caverns home to goblins and gnomes (or troglonomes as they are known hereabouts). Some say that there are trolls lurking in the darkest depths that can steal the souls of unwary travellers, and that if you know where to look you might find an entrance to the Hall of the Mountain King.

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