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Dora Maar – artist and muse.

Published April 14, 2013 by Jill London

A small selection of some of Dora Maar’s photographic art.


Dora Maar

Dora Maar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Maar is these-days best remembered as Picasso’s lover and muse, and as the subject for his painting  Dora Maar au Chat which sold at Sotheby’s for $95 million in 2006, but Maar was an artist in her own right before she met Picasso. She was introduced to Picasso in January 1936 at a Café in Paris when she was 29 and he 54, by the poet Paul Éluard, who was with Picasso at the time. Picasso was fascinated by Maar’s beauty and by the woman herself as she played disconcertingly with a knife, stabbing the blade between her spread fingers and cutting them in the process. Picasso asked for her bloodied gloves as a souvenir of their meeting.

You can read more about Dora Maar here:



Parce Domine by Adolphe Willette

Published March 17, 2013 by Jill London



Have been meaning to post this beautiful picture by Adolphe Willette (30 July 1857– 4 February 1926), a French painter, illustrator, caricaturist, and lithographer, which I found at Isn’t it divine? It’s a Parisian scene (notice the Montmartre windmill) depicting what looks to be a wild game of follow-the-leader. The picture is on display at the Musee de Montmartre if you’re lucky enough to be heading to Paris any-time soon.

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