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Thought of the Day

Published March 20, 2013 by Jill London

under the duvet

“It was such a lovely day I thought it a pity to get up.”

W. Somerset Maugham

“Only dull people are brilliant at breakfast.”

Oscar Wilde

How do you deal with mornings? Find it easy to get up or are you throwing on your clothes as you gulp down a coffee in a desperate attempt to get your act together inside of 10 minutes flat? Here are 5 tips for starting your day a better way.

  1. Set your alarm – across the room.
  2. Go to bed at the same time every night.
  3. Avoid coffee, red wine and chocolate the night before 😦
  4. Get into a relaxing routine the night before.
  5. Avoid noise during the night. Apparently according toNew Scientist Magazine sleeping through noise could be literally killing you.

Do you hate mornings? I can force myself out of bed on time of a morning but I’m much more of a night-bird by nature. If you have to get up, more often than not you will, but do you have any tips for making the whole thing more bearable? Open windows? Sun salutations? If you have any routines that you swear by, anything that shakes that groggy feeling, share them!

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